Jul 29, 2020

Apex Legends player spends $500 on loot to get the Heirloom items

As you know in Apex Legends some of the rarest items cannot be crafted, and a player has gone through the trouble of spending $ 500 (R7000) to obtain them. To keep track of your spending and finances, be it for entertainment or vital supplies, it would be a good idea to use a paystub.

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Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale, yes free to play means people are not obligated to use real money in order to obtain items, however the degree of rarity of some of these items is so high that it is impossible to get them if you do not put your hand in your wallet and that is exactly what one player has done, spending a ridiculous $ 500 to find an Heirloom set. If you wish to get your money’s worth, you might as well play casino games and sports betting at ufabet.

“At least three of my friends have gotten the Wraith heirlooms in only a few crates, all the streamers have them, surely it wouldn’t take me the whole 500 crates right?” wrote BAE339.

Reddit user BAE339 a 24-year-old college graduate took to the Apex Legends subreddit to tell their story and explained what got them to spend this kind of money for a single set of cosmetic items. If a player opens 500 Apex Packs and does not get any Heirloom items, the game will automatically award it in the next pack.

This essentially means buying 500 is a guaranteed way of getting Heirlooms, assuming you don’t get them sooner.

How much have you spent on cosmetic items? Let us know in the comments

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