Aug 13, 2019

How Can Brand Monitoring Tools Help Us?

Brand monitoring is a strategic company activity to proactively and selectively monitor the reputation, status and trends associated with a brand or group of brands. Brand monitoring is a day-to-day activity that involves finding, reporting, analysing, and responding to all the comments and conversations about the brand. This can be done manually, or via a targeted set software. The extent and quality of information gathered and analyzed play a crucial role in delivering tailored solutions, custom to the brand, to achieve measurable business results.

Brand monitoring involves monitoring brand mentions in print media, social networks, and other forms online. Many brands have an active but silent consumer. They purchase their products and services for which they are passionate; their opinions and feelings on brands are more often, unfortunately, recorded by others in the public arena without their knowledge or consent. Brand monitoring can help reduce this potential damage using When brand mentions are found, the content is scrutinized for relevance. Analysis and research on consumer sentiment towards specific brands may be undertaken.

Brand monitoring tools enable us to monitor and track conversations about brands on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These conversations enable us to understand customer perceptions and help us identify gaps in our brand visibility, trust and reputation, drive sale, and improve performance as brand makers.

Brand monitoring tools allow us to track mentions of the brand name in popular media. These mentions can be used to measure the reach of our brand, identify negative stories, and measure the tone, approach, and content of such stories to engage customers. Negative mentions about a brand can have a negative impact on sales and reputation. These metrics can be correlated to our internal evaluations and assessments.

Brand monitoring can also include tracking mentions of the brand via social media. Social media provides an opportunity to measure the reach of a digital marketing strategy as well as the conversations around its content. We can track engagement levels, reach of key influentialrs, as well as measure our internal performance. These metrics can be used to improve our digital marketing strategy.

A third-party application is another way to leverage brand monitoring tools. Twitter is one such application that allows us to identify the conversations taking place in a particular niche and gauge their reach. Similarly, Google Insights provides detailed information on the top 10 keywords across each niche. This allows us identify key conversations within each niche and assess our position relative to them.

As part of our brand monitoring efforts, we may also want to take note of mentions of our brand online by both competitors and relevant content from third parties. The information provided by these third-party applications can help us understand how competitors are reaching out to potential customers and which content they are using to communicate with readers. This information can be used to improve content and connect with our target audience. We can also learn from these conversations by measuring the conversation in our niche and gauging our social media campaigns’ performance to improve our strategies.

We have just presented three examples of brand monitoring tools that can be used to measure the reach of brands and identify key trends within our niche. This overview only covers the most common type of brand monitoring. However, there are many other tools that can give us even more insight into what is happening in our niche. The main goal is to be able listen to and understand what’s happening around you. To do this, we need to invest in tools that we can rely on day in and day out to provide us with the information we need. It is in this way that we can understand what is happening in our industry and adapt our communications and marketing strategy accordingly. With the help of a few brand monitoring tools, we can make sure that our company remains a visible and viable presence in our niche.

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