GameNation South Africa offers a variety of advertising and marketing opportunities, including display advertising, press releases, features, competitions,  newsletters and the various gaming events we run and partner within South Africa.

How about our stats?

We are one of the largest gaming news publications in South Africa, with over 100 000 unique South African visitors and over 200 000 page views per month.

PS: Numbers are growing every month thanks to our amazing fanbase 🙂

How much does it cost?

The cost of a marketing campaign depends on exactly what you are looking for.  We can guarantee you that we provide the best value for money in South African gaming and tech market, with a reach more likely to garner a return on investment.

You can download our 2019 Rate Card – GNSA-Media-Rates-2019

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We pride ourselves in covering all types of games, events, and tournaments in South Africa, as well as any international tournaments and events that warrant our coverage and that, is beneficial for our viewers. We work with various companies including, Alienware, Mettlestate, Asus, Cougar Gaming and many other organisations looking to create a more inclusive gaming scene.

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