Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale


Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale is a first-person adventure puzzle game and is the first of five installments in the Stricken series being developed by local South African indie game studio Zero Degrees Games. The game is inspired by classic point-and-click adventure games and features a unique horror theme.

7/10 for originality, interesting plot twist at the end

Players take the role of Peter York, a South African writer who finds himself on a dilapidated farmstead in the Free State after a massive argument with his girlfriend Stephanie. As you take the role of Peter you are immediately awakened by an ominous noise and you find yourself stuck in the farmhouse as the entrance has been blocked. As you progress in the story you are greeted by human remains and you are forced to find a way out by any means necessary, you don’t want to end up like one of the inhabitants of the farmstead. Throughout the game you will collect various notes, books and maps to help guide you through the property and tasks that will lead you to your rescue.

Among the Innocent review     


7/10 for great puzzles, hints would be great though

The gameplay in terms of puzzle difficulty is great with an excellent use of deconstructing items in your inventory to use on the radio, repair a motor for the cable car or even creating a magical magnifying necklace that enhances a map you find in game to open a secret door.

The puzzles you face are not difficult, however, some hints would help in some areas as you are often stuck in a certain area because there is no clear hint at where you need to go to get a specific item or key you need to find. As with Resident Evil 7 and previous iterations, you are given a small hint in the inventory as to what can be constructed with a specific item in the inventory. We need to remember this is an indie title that is part one in the Stricken series, so we should be prepared for more immersive experiences with the next game from Zero Degrees Games.

8/10 for awesome intro and event audio

Among The Innocent offers, a great score,  from the introduction music to the immersive background noises and event and location-specific music, which in some parts of the game adds a fear factor that is not scary but the mix of music and environment adds moments of shock and mystery. One audio fault we found was the sounds Pete’s feet would make transitioning from sand to grass, at times it felt like sounds were in a loop and became a little annoying.

Solid Indie game for 2017

In conclusion, Among The Innocent is a good game, the developer has added more patch updates for a more immersive experience. We highly recommend this for anyone who loves adventure, puzzle and Indie games in general.  Remember this is part one and we are excited to see where it’s heading, especially after the incomplete and unexpected ending.

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