Ark: Survival Evolved Review

Ark: Survival Evolved was first launched on Steam Early Access in June 2015. Ark: Survival Evolved spent about a year on early access for consoles and now the open-world survival crafting game has been officially released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC. As the title says the main aim of the game is to survive, and you will be put through your paces when it comes to crafting and building yourself a future in the Ark universe.

Thrown into the deep end

You start out by creating your character, making him/her look tough just so you can be devoured by the Ark in minutes. The fact that you are literally dropped into the Ark, makes it more challenging. There are enough hints and tips for players of all experience levels to make the experience more enjoyable in the Ark for newcomers. While crafting your own house, and eventually a village, will be a key priority, you will also need to craft weapons and tools. While the tools and weapons start out primitive, they slowly evolve – as you level up – into high-tech gear. Armour starts off as primitive clothing; however, the further you progress the more advanced your armor crafting skills become. In the early stages you will be using spears and hatchets, but will soon begin to craft guns and ammunition. This is what makes Ark: Survival Evolved a great title as you will keep having to work harder to obtain better structures, weapons, and equipment.

Beautiful and dangerous

ARKs are quite large and can take many hours to explore. The key to navigating the enormous environments is to recognize landmarks such as Obelisks, Caves, or Mountains as well as which Biomes they’re found in, and correlate this with your mini-map. The coastal regions are the safest area to navigate. As you move deeper inland and further up into high altitude areas, the difficulty of the map will increase. Fully explore the ARK to uncover its secrets and discover the hidden Artifacts found in the caves and use the Obelisks to challenge and conquer the ultimate lifeform, so that you can unravel the mysteries of the ARK

Orientated to Survival gaming fans first

ARK: Survival Evolved is exhilarating in parts and keeps with the survival genre. The game does have a slow start to it but once you get past that, you will enjoy a Jurassic Park/ Minecraft hybrid that pulls dinosaurs back from extinction. Some of the dinosaurs’ AI are in need of a thorough inspection as the movement and overall interactions were a little buggy.

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