Destiny 2 Review

Destiny 2 has blasted its predecessor away with the powerful story missions that provide meat to the game and makes all the content you play a more enjoyable experience. As with the previous game, loot is the key to survival and Bungie have added more ways to obtaining loot for your Guardian and makes the adventure even sweeter. Destiny 2 achieves exactly what the fans wanted, a vast improvement on the previous games mechanics and overall story. Credit is due to developers Bungie and publishers Activision for making sure the fans grievances were heard and understood so we applaud them for keeping the fans and customers happy.

Destined for success

The gameplay in Destiny 2 is very similar to that of the original with the likes of Destiny’s original shoot and loot mechanism and it is definitely improved from the previous iteration. The gunplay in Destiny 2 is excellent, and being you get rewarded for using a more powerful weapon as well as the low impact weapons, which makes it bearable for newcomers to the Destiny Universe. The biggest change is how much quicker it is to increase your Power level with minimal grinding early on in the game.  Another great feature in Destiny is the variety of weapons and gear you find in the various drops. Your choice of Hunter, Titan, or Warlock class shapes the experience, whether exploring as a lone wolf along a moon of Jupiter, grouping up for challenging cooperative challenges like the briskly paced new Nightfall strikes, or trying to hold ground in the Crucible.

Before you even attempt any gameplay you are given a choice of Hunter, Titan, or Warlock class which you will need to choose carefully as it shapes your overall experience, whether you are exploring as a lone guardian, grouping up for cooperative challenges or trying to hold ground in the Crucible.  All classes play well and offer their own avenues to master them. The returning subclasses feature two pre-optimised paths that put even new players on equal footing with returning players.


Improved and more coherent to its predecessor

The first Destiny game had many issues with its story but the team at Bungie have largely addressed this in Destiny 2, with the team doing an excellent job in creating a more coherent story. After deciding whether you’ll play as a Warlock, Hunter or Titan you are forced into fighting with a violent unstable group called the Cabal, and they are invading Earth.

Destiny 2 has excellent cinematic cut-scenes that introduce you to one of the game’s antagonists, the Cabal leader Dominus Ghaul. The Cabal have powerful looking armour, massive weapons and deep voices that gives you the feeling they mean business.

It’s this tone that really sells the single-player element throughout the game. On completing the opening sequence, you don’t return to the Guardian citadel, but instead are forced to find remnant groups in make-shift bases, struggling to survive in the wilderness outside the city walls, or on distant planets.


The best thing about the Raids is the ability for all Guardians to work together to make the ever challenging Raids as easy as possible. Some may hate the Raid’s brutal mechanics, where no clues and puzzles make death easier and your experience a little rough. To get through the hardship you will have to work as a team to accomplish the desired objectives. The only delay in attempting the raids is you will have to get to the required power levels and this can take quite a bit of time as we saw with the Leviathan Raid, which has a recommended power level of 260-280. To get the required levels, keep pushing through, complete as many objectives as possible and never give up and you will reach the 280 power level in no time.

Improved and a revitalised franchise

Destiny 2 is one of the most fun to play games in 2017 and is such an improvement on the previous game that we would recommend newcomers and veterans to keep an open mind and play Destiny 2 today!

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