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DOOM or DOOM 4 as some people call it is fast paced with immaculate environments and gameplay that really brings out what DOOM is meant to be.The opening 30 seconds of the game launches you immediately into combat with a mediocre attempt at what the pistol should have been. The game immediately shows you that it’s going to be high-speed, demon killing and gun wielding remake of the original DOOM back in 1993.

9/10 for adding epic glory kills, combat and enhanced weapons 

Generally, the gameplay is smooth and additional features are transitioned into play without any delay. In most games the ability to regenerate health is a key feature to the gameplay but in DOOM the players are given the ability and responsibility to manage how you fight with the demons and how much health and armor you can spare in order to get to your next objective.

In most of the maps in DOOM you will find health packs and armor scattered around the maps, in some cases you will find various orb like balls that were in the original DOOM game that provides you with the ability to either kill Demons in a mode of the orb of choice or enhance your recharge rates which come in handy when the demon hordes are too much to handle.

Other collectible items and upgrade kits are also scattered in the game’s maps that the player will need to investigate and discover as the levels and environments provide various opportunities like secret rooms and obscured passageways hidden within the different maps in the game. The feeling you get when you find the secret items and rooms is awesome, each item you find  that is a collectible is generally not easy to find and can take a few hours to find, but with doom comes the added bonus of looking for collectibles while you are on a demon killing rampage.

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The Glory Kill System

The best combat feature that has been added into this DOOM is the ability to do glory kills, basically when a demon has been damaged to a specific point they will stagger and you will be able to perform a Glory Kill on that demon, the reason for the Glory Kills is not only for the action and gory scenes these glory kills cause the demons to drop a surplus of health items. Additional to the standard glory kills there is the Chainsaw kills, which is limited to 3 kills per gasoline canister these gasoline canisters can be found throughout your journey.The Chainsaw kills cause the demon killed to explode and drop large amounts of ammo.

When it comes to the boss fights like the; Cyberdemon or the Hell Guards you can only kill these demons with glory kills if you dont do the glory kill in time the boss will start recovering a bit of its health and will continue fighting.In the multiplayer, glory kills occur randomly while he is dealing damage to a player and enemies who can have a glory kill performed on them don’t stagger.


8/10 for including more of a story to the franchise

The story is more part of the game, even though in the original there was a story in this iteration their is more of a interaction with main characters from the UAC. In the game basically the UAC is led by Dr. Samuel Hayden, he was part of the team who built the Argent Tower, a huge device to extract energy from Hell and make it usable by humans. Dr. Olivia Pierce who oversaw the transformation of the UAC and was dedicated to worshiping the demons and planned on using the Argent energy to open a permanent portal to Hell.

Throughout the story of DOOM you are guided by Dr. Samuel Hayden to stop hell from reaching Mars by that portal and therefore have to stop Olivia from opening that portal, along the way there are various other tasks that need to be done in order to close the portal permanently. The story might not be the main focus of the game, obviously Doom is meant to be a non-stop demon slaughtering campaign, though that still gives the game a more approachable item especially at that price tag 🙂

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