F1 2017 Review

As with any new Formula One game, we expect changes and upgrades to the previous iteration. With F1 2017 Codemasters has taken a massive step forward towards realism and with the talk of a VR version, we can expect amazing things from future F1 games. The Championship Mode and dynamic team rivalries make this the closest thing to experiencing what an F1 driver goes through on a day to day.

Improve game modes, race strategy and more

When you want to master the art of optimising your race strategy, choosing your pit-stops as well as the amount of fuel in the car, it takes practice and concentration. F1 2017 is for die hard fans who want to master the craft of Formula One racing and take it to the next level. Alongside all of the new engine-management mechanics is a brand-new R&D tree. If your car is lacking in certain departments, you can invest research points which you earn through races and also complete team objectives in practice sessions, these points are used to improve the aerodynamics, chassis, powertrain or general durability, each with their own sub categories.

It’s open to players of all experience levels, providing enough assists and difficulty options to make it enjoyable for the newcomers, and featuring the challenge and difficulty that the most experienced drivers will be after. In fact, the AI difficulty options are now on a slider, letting you shift it incrementally up or down to find the exact challenge you’re comfortable with, and letting you push it to a new extreme for the fastest players.

Making the whole weekend as fulfilling as possible

Codemasters attempted to make the experience of being in a Formula One team as meaningful as possible, and they achieved it with excellent results. Making everything you achieve in practice, qualifying, and the main race important to your team and individual points tally. The return of classic cars is always a highlight in any F1 Game. In F1 2017 the experience is even better as you can now race them in career mode in your invitational events. They’re also present in the excellent new Championships mode, which offers condensed versions of the race calendar for those lacking the time to compete in the full career. It also doesn’t have the obsessive tinkering of engines and fuel management of career, meaning you can just jump in and race, much like an arcade mode. One thing that is missing that would make it more realistic is the pre-chat with the likes of Martin Brundle and Damon Hill as well as many other, immortalising them in the process.

Comprehensive Formula 1 Experience

Whether you are a newcomer or an F1 racing veteran, Codemasters have made a content rich Formula One game that encompasses the best that the series can offer. This is truly the most comprehensive Formula One Experience you will get that matches the real life drama on the circuit.

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