FIFA 19 Review

Each year EA updates its FIFA title with more features and game modes and essentially players are just getting the same game but more refined by receiving more lifelike characterisation and model improvements. However this year EA secured the UEFA licence and now boast even more game modes which include the UEFA Europa League and Champions League which has added even more to the game and a more enjoyable career mode.

Become a European Club Champion!

Now that FIFA 19 contains all the major European club competitions, you will experience all the finer details from the commentary carried out by Derek Rae and Lee Dixon even though some of their commentary can be too inconsistent and repetitive hopefully EA will patch this up in upcoming updates to the game. The overall presentation of the Champions League and its awe-inspiring theme song rings out loud and clear as you prepare for one of those authentic European nights you always dreamt of participating in including its sister competition the Europa League.  The competitions spread accross all modes from being implemented in The Journey which is really fun as you move up the ranks towards being a European Champ, Ultimate Team, and Career Mode. We took on a whole career moving up the ranks from Qualifying for the Europa League then to missing out on the Champions League Final because of a penalty awarded against us in the Semi-Finals 🙁

Same Same, But Different

Some aspects of FIFA 19 and its mode are a little too similar and improvements are rare, we talking about online mode Pro Clubs, it is almost identical to that of FIFA 18. There are still amazing moments even though some sides are either saw losers or blame their internet connection 😐  too often your play is stopped by team-mates quitting as soon as their side goes a goal down or receives a red card or even a penalty that they can still save? Maybe there needs to be an anti exit system for all online modes, yes we know internet connections in South Africa and in some other countries can be bonkers but if its not a network issue, players should not be allowed to exit online play, just a thought especially if FIFA wants to sustain its player base.

Dynamic tactics are great, with different methods of play, making your style more effective on the pitch even though the AI in the game seems to get more involved in the action, for example, Ngolo Kante from Chelsea FC will literally hunt down the person who has the ball and as in real life get 95% of the ball which makes it difficult for opponents to keep the ball. FIFA 2019 is more physical and a players strength is a far more important stat when it comes to managing players and making substitutions, plus the tackles are so much more realistic. If you are the type of player who plays Long ball tactics then, with the added realism of speed and strength it is one of the best options as compared to previous titles. The added technical options in the game add to the realism of being a manager in difficult in-game circumstances. When it comes to timed finishing, players depending on location angle and depth in the box will now have to make sure they time their shots  and must press the circle button twice and find the best power, but you can use normal finishing but it is super rewarding when you master the timed shots, especially in a Champions League Final 🙂

The Journey: Alex Hunter and company
Join the club and reap the rewards

The adventure of Alex Hunter continues and the story resumes where we left off, with Alex Hunter looking for redemption in a great European club and his journey culminates with a move to Real Madrid and, mainly, the quest to win the Champions League. As with FIFA 18 you got a chance to also play a friend Danny Williams and sister Kate Hunter, however, their story is now part of a much larger portion of the game and in The Journey: Champions you get to play each equally which we did and lets just say the ability to change it up is  refreshing making you want to come back for more. Danny is also on his own path on becoming a European champion with the first club you played for as Hunter, which in our case was Chelsea FC. Kate however has made it into the USA Women’s World Cup squad as she and her squad look to lift the trophy.


EA announced earlier in the year that The Journey will be ending this year and we hope that EA reveals a similar mode in FIFA 2020 with a new story or something along those lines because it really is one of our favourite modes because it ties in various aspects of our favourite mode which is Career Mode. Oh, and with the addition of Champions League, your full experience of pre-match and post-match energy is felt throughout the tournament until you lift the cup at the end.


Everything that we loved about FIFA 18 can be found in FIFA 19 but with added improvements and even though EA has listened to its community and acquired the biggest licence in Club Football with the full presentation of UEFA, FIFA 19  still lacks any meaningful improvements of Career Mode and Pro Clubs. But thanks to the other game modes including The Journey, New Kick Off Modes and FUT you have soo much to keep you entertained over the coming year. This is just the beginning and if FIFA and UEFA collaborate further we could see a more dynamic Career Mode in the coming titles for sure.

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