Gran Turismo Sport Review

After the success of Gran Turismo 6,  most of the GT community were waiting in anticipation for Gran Turismo 7 but Polyphony had other ideas with the latest game in the franchise, Gran Turismo Sport. With the latest iteration, the focus is on online competition in an attempt to offer the best racing simulator possible to the GT Sport community.  With over 170 cars to choose from you are certain to find the right car to fit your driving style.

Beautiful cars & race circuits 

GT Sport looks simply incredible, with the power of the PlayStation 4 it packs in more detail and with the overhauled lighting system that Polyphony Digital built from the ground up makes the most of the PS4’s new high dynamic range technology. GT Sport with the power of the PS4 and the HDR turned on creates a more vibrant image, making all the colors pop while making the glint of sunlight off your cars bodywork gleam and without sacrificing the realism. The car models are represented immaculately,  the tracks and scenery are borderline real. Another mode that makes this as real as can be is Scapes, the photo mode. Scapes feature over 1000 real-world places to use as a backdrop for your car. These can be edited but the ones with no edits are still jaw-droppingly real.

Becoming a better driver is the main purpose

Gran Turismo’s single-player campaign is more focused on teaching you to be a better driver than in previous iterations, they want you to understand what’s happening when you drive and want you to use those skills and knowledge to become a better driver. How they achieve this is through the difficult driving school, which will teach you everything from how to stop in a certain place to how centrifugal force acts on your car, and in a lot of the cases it takes a few laps to get the gold as each and every lesson requires precision and hard work, and some of the challenges are ridiculously difficult. In one of the lessons we had to take a Lexus RC F and stop on the mat in under 9 seconds and it sounds easy but timing is everything, you’ll spend a very long time just trying to take off from the start a split-second faster just to get that gold.

There are also driving challenges, which are designed to test you in very specific situations like when you need to pass someone while you have limited fuel or time, and circuit challenges, which task you with mastering a track section by section, and then putting it all together for the perfect race. Being a racing game there are assists for those who need them and they are more subtle now making it a clean and smooth ride.

Before you can go online Gran Turismo wants you to be a good sportsman. The only way for you to play online you will have to watch videos on “Driving Etiquette” and sportsmanship. In addition to a skill rating, you’re also assigned a safety rating, which punishes you for crashing into walls and other drivers as well as going off track. Your rating will rise the better you drive, allowing you to race against other skilled players, so you are incentivised to drive responsibly.

VR Mode
No Online, but still fun 

Another great feature in Gran Turismo Sport is the PlayStation VR support with a specific mode that allows any car to race on any track in a single-player arcade race. The visuals are not bad all, not as high quality as the standard gameplay but the functionality is amazing and the car interiors stand out. Your driver will feature the racing suit you have selected and will even shift gears. A virtual showroom of cars to look around at is also included, but other than that, there’s no compatibility for online racing in VR and it’s fairly limited. This is the first iteration of VR in the GT Universe so we can expect amazing things in the future when it comes to VR Racing.



The most realistic online racing experience

Gran Turismo Sport is the most realistic online racing experience at the moment, it is also more geared for esports racing and also includes the ability to achieve a real FIA license, which is quite insane if you think about it. GT Sport provides all the tools to turn players into real racing drivers. There is enough content for driving mastery in the game, but the lack of tracks and the need to always be online is a little irritating, but if you have a solid internet connection then this will be a blast for you. Overall this is an excellent addition to an already amazing Gran Turismo franchise.

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