Hitman Episode 1: Showstopper Review

In the Showstopper it is very clear to see that IO Interactive listened to the fans and tried there best in combining the open-world/sandbox feel of Hitman:Blood Money and the smooth movement controls of Hitman: Absolution. However, this Hitman embraces the various paths towards your progrssion as agent 47.


Before you start on the story of Hitman, as part of the background to the mysterious man that is agent 47, you are taken back 20 years before the events of this mission.

Agent 47 is at the International Contract Agency or ICA, he is tasked with assassinating a few targets to gain the agencies trust and respect, the respect is earned when his handler Diana Burnwood helps agent 47 get around his final traing mission.

8.5/10 for well designed levels and NPCs

In this Hitman your objectives are not only to kill targets but to eliminate them in a more subtle yet ruthless fashion, this can be done by exploring the level and using conversations between guests and staff depending which part of the paris mansion you are in.

IO Interactive and the Square Enix team really went all out into developing the levels of the training and Paris missions, not only are they massive the people seem as if they have there own lives and most of the NPCs don’t go to the same place more than once. However the only NPCs that often move to the same location are: patrolling guards; waiters and other staff, but should soemthing happen in the area the NPCs react very differently and conversations change as well.

Other well thought out features in the Showstopper is the amount of tasks and challenges available throughout the mansion and mansion grounds. With the new Hitman come new ways to take out targets from subtly poisoning the drink to get them in the washroom alone to drown them in the toilet or drop a large speaker on their head, or do it the old fashion way and get behind them and use your fibre wire.

8.5/10 for opportunities mechanics

One of the best features in the game is the Opportunities system, a gameplay mechanic that will alert players to real-time events during the mission that offers agent 47 a new plan of attack or new person to follow. Players are able to eavesdrop on guests or guards an listen to there conversation to find another way in for example or if your target is meeting a person in the hallway right next to a flammable propane tank 🙁

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