Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Review

Your friendly neighborhood hero, Spider-Man has officially arrived in New York and the PlayStation 4. What is quite obvious in the game is you play as Peter Parker obviously, and in Insomniac’s Spider-Man you will be taking on all the bad guys throughout the gorgeous scenery of Manhattan with his fast, agile movements and upgrades. Not only has Peter been Spider-Man for eight years now, he is going after some of the biggest thugs in the city including the Kingpin!

With great power comes great visuals 😍

As you may know, puddle and graphics changes are inevitable, these changes were made for the better as Spider-Man is a fantastic-looking game, with all the detailed and realistic locations of New York with some gorgeous lighting effects when the sun starts going down and shimmering light on the water makes you just want to look at your screen for hours. Thanks to the power of the PlayStation 4 all the action never slows down as we had a steady frame rate while we took down some goons or swinging across New York completing the next research mission.Marvel's Spider-Man Screenshot WaterMarvel's Spider-Man PS4 Screenshot Peter Parker   Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Screenshot City

Web-slinging some great gameplay and enthralling story

Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 is a great open-world adventure and thanks to the development team Insomniac Games they managed to design a Manhattan full of action. As you swing across the city as Spider-Man, the citizens in the city streets are doing their own thing but you can drop down to the main street and interact with them and can either high-five or take some epic pictures. As you would expect from a Spider-Man game you will primarily get around web-slinging, running up tall buildings and make some quick parkour movements that get you to your next mission fast. Your primary button for getting around is R2, not only is it your web-slinging button you will use it to do some freestyle parkour that even the WFPF would be impressed! Climbing up buildings is a breeze and seriously fun if you engage the web-sling just in time making spidey graceful in the air of Manhattan.

Insomniac Games managed to produce some impressive combat mechanics, complete with web-slinging attacks, an amazing choice of gadgets, and combat abilities that can be unlocked with skill points which is a joy to earn each time you level up. Unlike previous Spiderman games, there is a need to time each and every reaction and counterstrike with every fight and boss battle. Not only is it satisfying to time your enemies attack, webbing them in the face then striking them from behind with a powerful swing kick makes each and every battle unique and yours to choose.

In order to unlock some of those suits and gadgets, you’ll need tokens, you will receive crime tokens when you stop a crime that takes place while en route to the next mission, earn landmark tokens by doing what Peter Parker does best capturing photos of iconic landmarks and locals, if you love doing challenges you will also get challenge tokens by completing challenges unlocked later as the story unfolds, clearing up enemy outposts will give you base tokens which are really fun to receive especially when you take out the whole base out with those amazing gadgets. If you love collecting and finding rare items than on completing these objectives you will obtain backpack tokens. The process of collecting these tokens is fun and not tedious as you progress within the story, its great to unwind and take out some goons 🙂

With great power, comes great responsibility, is golden saying when it comes to the web-slinging hero and key parts of the story is spent on dealing with Peter Parker’s double life and dealing with the friendships and sacrifices he has to make in order to save the city from total destruction.  The story begins with Spidey and the police taking down the organised crime syndicate, the Kingpin. The developer also created a few stealth missions where you play as Mary-Jane, where web-slinging is not an option, however, you will need to move around quietly and interact with some pieces to find out what is really going on with Fisk and his dirty tricks. A few of Peter and Mary-Jane’s cutscenes are totally relatable and tie in to the relationship you might think they will have, from the two having their first dinner in months also  It’s one of Marvel’s most famous of romances and Insomniac captured it perfectly!

Definitely on the Front Page of the Daily Bugle

Insomniac Games has managed to take one of Marvel’s iconic and popular characters under their arm and have made Stan Lee proud. The developer managed to wow us with a beautiful recreation of New York to play in. This is an amazing game that stays true to the comics with little customisations as you would expect from one of the most creative studios in the industry. From the solid combat and great interactive story, this is a must-have title for all comic book fans. We cannot wait to see what other titles Insomniac Games will make with Marvel!

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