Nintendo Switch Review

When Nintendo made the official reveal of the Switch back in October 2016, Nintendo fans around the world were waiting with bated breath on what the Nintendo NX new name would be, what the console would look like and what games it would be able to play. Nintendo’s latest console combines two types of gamers, the die hard console gamer who needs a screen with 1080p  and the die hard handheld gamers who play on the go. This combination makes this a console for the whole family, allowing gamers the choice of how they want to play their favorite game.

Accessories to get you going

In the Nintendo Switch box you get the main body of the console, complete with two detachable Joy Cons, a grip which allows you to combine theJoy Cons into a gamepad, the box also includes two straps which can attach to the sides of the Joy Cons and make two individual controllers and a dock that allows you to plug the console into your television and charge the console at the same time. In terms of power cables you get a USB Type-C power cable and an HDMI cable for connecting the console to your TV.

Always another way to play

The Nintendo Switch does not have one or two modes of playing games on the console, but three modes each with their own perks that make the gaming experience unique and fun for the whole family.

We did a mini experiment and timed how long it would take from TV Mode to Table Top Mode thereafter to end off on the Hand Held mode in all cases turning off the console then turning it back on to commence the mode changes,  it took a total of 48 seconds. This just means if you need to switch the way you play you can do it in less than a minute 🙂

Docking & Undocking In Seconds

One of the best ways to best experience the power of the Switch is using the TV/Console mode. You place the main console into the docking station, this docking station is what connects the console to your television, then the Joy Cons can be used freely to play or attach them to the Joy-Con grip and play as you would with any controller.

The way the console transfers the viewing experience from its own screen to the television is as seamless as it could possibly be. The transfer is so fast it is basically the speed of a blink, literally a blink of an eye, and you don’t  have to pause the game you are playing.

The docking station is basically the same size as the console.  As we stated earlier there is a USB Type-C port that provides the console with power,  this can be located on the back of the dock once you open a compartment door. The signal from the dock to the TV is sent via the given HDMI cable and makes the whole experience enjoyable.


Two Player On The Go

Using the kickstand that’s attached to the back of the screen you can prop the console up on a table and then detach the Joy-Cons for some semi-portable gaming with a friend in Splatoon 2 or play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and take on Ganon all by yourself.


Portability At It’s Best

Along the top of the console you’ve got a slot for game cartridges, a headphone jack , a volume rocker and a power button.  At the back/bottom you’ve got the kickstand for using it in tabletop mode, as previously stated, concealing a small microSD slot which provides the console’s expandable storage. Internal storage is limited to just 32GB, so if you’re planning on downloading games rather than buying them then you’re going to want to invest in a microSD card .

PLEASE NOTE: You are unable at the moment to transfer your saved game data to your SD cards.

Zelda + Switch = Seamless

While we wait for more games let me tell you our overall experience with the console, we played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild mostly and the massive open-world adventure runs at a decent frame rate with decent graphics. Whether in 720p in Handheld Mode or full 1080p on your TV, the Switch can deliver your game in any of the styles you require as you have see above.   While most consoles are trying to achieve 4K HDR, NIntendo have arrived with a console that is bringing a new simple yet high performance console to the market. The console’s custom Tegra X1 chip is strong enough to maintain the games made for the Switch,

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review is in progress, if you were wondering 🙂

Nintendo is heading in the right direction

I am confident the Save data issue and any other minor problems that Nintendo Fans are having will be repaired with either a software update or a cloud saving feature. One thing that I know Nintendo always does best is listening to the customer, with 1.5million sales and over 60 developers and publishers making games for this console  this is just the beginning of the Nintendo revolution.

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