The Golf Club 2019 Review


After nearly 360 holes or around 20 games of golf in The Golf Club 2019  we realised that the HB Studios partnership with the PGA Tour was pivotal in creating something as close to the real feel and journey as a professional golfer and has definitely helped in creating the ultimate golf simulation game in 2019 and can be proud to be the sequel of The Golf Club 2.

PGA Tour & Career Ladder
Feel like a pro as you move up the ladder

The Golf Club 2019 begins with one of the best tutorials available in a golf game without too much ahand holding, and selecting between left and right analog stick just adds to the ability to customise your play style with your dominant hand.Thanks to the PGA Tour license this year, the game has its own built-in career ladder. Make your way from the Q-School to the Tour and complete your journey to be the pro in the official PGA Tour. Making it as a pro justifies all those hours spent getting bogeys because you pulled the Right Stick too far back and ended up either in the rough or in a bunker. The PGA Tour license allowed HB Studios to include replicas of six TPC courses which host current PGA Tour events, including TPC Sawgrass’ Players Stadium Course (The Players Championship), TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course (Phoenix Open), and TPC Deere Run (John Deere Classic.)

Even though it has some amazing licensed courses it’s missing something vital to actually complete the game in terms of realism, that’s real life pro players, that’s right you won’t see any PGA Tour pros like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Tommy Fleetwood or Rory McIlroy . But since this is the first year we know that the license will allow greater expansion in terms of courses, tournaments and player additions. So we should give them leeway for 2019, however, in 2020 this will be a key factor for the next edition to be successful. With that being said, HB Studios has done a great job of creating a real golfing atmosphere from the ambient noise to the crowd reactions you are truly immersed in the world of Golf. The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR 1

Character & Course Creating
Enter the club and create your vision

As you progress through your PGA Tour season you are able to level up and unlock customisation options that are all too familiar in most 2K titles as well sporting games. Customisations include clothing and upgrading those golf clubs to make your next shot picture perfect. Additionally, once you grasp the controls and put those shots in for the win you will unlock sponsorship options and other branding opportunities, including gear from real-world companies like Under Armour. Some features that give more depth to the career mode is the character creator which allows you to tweak things like the contours of your characters face, the colour of their hair, height, weight and before any sponsorship your clothing.

One of our favourite features in the game is the course-creator that has been revamped and have made it more customisable, giving you free reign to adjust and design almost everything on your perfect course thanks to the depth of the tools and improved interface. Once you have created your course thanks to the social features you can upload and share courses with the community, and the ability to play new and harder courses just adds to the challenge. Additionally, the game brings back last year’s online-focused Societies mode, which lets you create and join clubs where you and your friends can compete against other player ghosts in seasons that will run for weeks after launch.


Everything that we loved about The Golf Club 2 is still here but with added improvements and with the PGA Tour license and partnership, this is a must play title if you love golf and are avid 2K sports fans. Also with all the additional DLC’s and upgrades , there is no better time to join the club and get a whole in one! The game is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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