Quantum Break Xbox One – Review

Quantum Break is part tv series with its own spin on gaming and cinematic cut scenes which tells the story of Jack Joyce, and how helping a long time friend results in pain and suffering for Jack and all those he loves. The game begins with a physics experiment which goes horribly wrong, that causes Jack to have time-bending powers. Jack’s powers are awesome and everybody in there right mind would love powers like these. His powers allow him to deflect bullets, teleport across rooms, freeze or reverse time, and unleash deadly bursts of energy, I wonder what the world would be like if we all had powers like this ūüôā

8/10 for combat and time power mechanics


As a third-person shooter, the combat in Quantum Break encourages you not to remain behind cover during shootouts but to remain in constant movement. Players can use a variety of firearms, as well as their Time Powers, in combination to defeat enemies in the game.

The gameplay mechanics of Quantum Break centralizes on Jack Joyce and his ability to manipulate time as time breaks down. In the game players will be able to utilize many abilities to inflict the relevant damage to your enemies; abilities, such as Time Rush which allows players to spawn right next to an enemy to perform an immediate take-down or speed up the time as well and swap between covers from unaware enemies. Another ability that players will love and is reminiscent of the matrix, players can protect jack from attacks using Time Shield, which can deflect bullets, which in my opinion is the best time power.

Quantum Break TV Series

The tv series was developed alongside the video game, Quantum Break Series follows the story of Paul Serene and Martin Hatch as well as various other employees of Monarch Solutions as they fight to prevent or survive the approaching End of Time.The tv series is told mainly from the point of the view of the villains from Monarch Solutions and is meant to enhance the narrative of the game, which is told from the perspective of Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder.

Junction Impacts

Though Quantum Break central gameplay and combat is with Jack Joyce, players are able to take control of Paul Serene in Junction Impacts, these are the narrative decisions that impact the plot. During the Junction Impacts, players make choices from the point of view of Paul Serene, which in turn affects the presentation of certain plot points in the television show and game.

There is a total of four Junction Impacts within the game, lining up with the number of episodes for the player to watch.

8/10 for excellent action based story

But it’s the story that keeps driving the game forward between these action sequences – or cover issues – and thankfully, as is usually the case with Remedy games, it’s gripping from the off. As we’ve mentioned, the gameplay portions of Quantum Break focus on Jack Joyce and his fight against the evil corporation Monarch and, of course, time itself.

As much as we’d like to, it’s difficult to talk about Quantum Break‘s storyline without dropping any massive spoilers. We can say that Monarch, the company headed by Paul Serene – the game’s main antagonist, played by Aiden Gillen from The Wire – is involved in a secret conflict that involves Jack.

It’s a story of mental unravellings, revenge, friendship, a little bit of romance and a whole lot of action. You’ll come to care deeply about all the characters, which is helped by the fact the story won’t develop without you.

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