Razer Thresher Xbox One Review

Razer continues to improve the Thresher line

Razer’s Thresher headset uses the Xbox Wireless protocol to connect directly to your Xbox One completely free of USB cables, dongles, or base stations. However, if you want to connect it to your Windows PC you need to purchase the PC Xbox Wireless Adapter.  The overall design is similar to that of the  Razer Thresher Ultimate and Thresher 7.1,  but with a few tweaks.

Win those in-game battles with comfort & sound

Not only is the Thresher one of the best wireless headsets available for Console and PC, but it also sports some of the best noise-isolating ear cushions that have soft memory foam covered by a soft leatherette material and features a flexible 90-degree horizontal pivot making it very easy to find the most comfortable position on your head. Because the headsets have noise-isolating ear cushions the sound is soo clear that we needed to find a game that had enough immersive and mind-altering  audio to truly feel the power of these headsets, so we opened up DOOM and the surround options on the headsets gave us some intense moments and shut out the real world so we could get those demon kills!

In multiplayer titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Fortnite, we used the adjustable and unidirectional microphone that is super convenient because its fully retractable from the left side and provides crystal clear sound for your teamates to hear your shot calls more clearly. If you like to have a snack while you play, or are sick and don’t want to cough or sneeze into your teammates ears you can  move it further from your face or just press the microphone volume button located on the left side and it will mute you in a split second, super convenient for private situations. Even though these headsets have no mic monitoring voice feedback, they are still amazing value for money at $149.99 or around R2,799 here in South Africa.

Long streams and gaming sessions no problem!
Battery life will sustain long sessions 🙂

The battery on the headsets are great, they easily lasted the advertised 16 hours and charging is fairly easy, just plug in the Micro USB cord that comes in the box and you’re good to go. We had a 12-hour gaming session and we only had to charge it prior to the session and we didn’t need to charge it again till the next day. So if you do plan on taking your headsets to a tournament or event, make sure to take your USB cable with you as there is no audio jack.

Drivers:  50 mm, neodymium

Audio:  Stereo

Connection:  Xbox Wireless (40 ft/12m range)

Microphone:  Uni-directional, retractable

Out the box:  Headset and USB charge cable

Compatability:  Xbox One, PC with Adapter

Battery Life:  ~ 16 Hours

Price:  $149.99  / R2,799

Final thoughts on the Razer Thresher Xbox One Edition

We truly enjoyed our time with the headset and Razer once again has pulled all the stops for quality design with some slick features. The completely retractable microphone with instant mute is great, if you are in need of voice feedback, that might be the only drawback for an overall great headset that really engulfs you in whatever game you are in, we would recommend this to anyone with a PC and Xbox One that looks to have a headset with professional audio, mic quality, comfortable cushions, and robust design the Razer Thresher will not disappoint.

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