Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review


When you first start playing, you will go through a few emotions from being nervous, scared then to run for your life mode, mostly because of the interesting and weird Baker Family. In Resident Evil 7 you play as Ethan Winters who has been drawn to Dulvey, Louisiana, by a video message from his wife Mia who had been missing for the past three years. When you arrive at the abandoned house, you as Ethan make your way to the basement where you find a dazed and confused Mia. Mia warns Ethan that they must escape before her father Jack finds them. The plot is an interesting and very much a Resident Evil story but the biggest difference between this Resident Evil and previous versions is the first person perspective.  Capcom has made way with Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5’s over the shoulder camera, which Capcom stated that the first person perspective increased the scare factor and immersed the player even more, especially when one is being attacked by the demented and psychotic Jack and Marguerite.

9/10 for great combat, weapons and healing actions

Combat and being cautious with how much ammo and what you take with you is ever present in Resident Evil 7, Capcom decided to limit how much weapons are used in the game as they have made ammunition in some parts of the game inadequate and in some parts of the story it becomes increasingly difficult to find weapons. When a larger weapon is found it takes more resources and space from your other items in your back pack, because of this evading your enemies is a safer option.

In the game the one factor that is a little lacklustre are the enemies, the enemies try and make it difficult to attack them by either a dodge or swaying their body and also using their arms to block their head from any attack. This is only a minor fault in the game as the enemies just act as a small barrier to your main objective.

Resident Evil 7 provides  a selection of weapons and firearms, the weapons include a pocket knife,  a couple of handguns, shotguns including a broken one you can repair with a repair kit, an SMG later in the game and if you look long enough and get the right key you can acquire special weapons like a grenade launcher, that in my opinion is a little weak, and the flamethrower.

9/10 for interesting and weird characters, coherent plot

The story and plot of Resident Evil 7, is one of family and love and yes I know that sounds weird but when Ethan first finds out that his wife Mia is still alive he sets out to find her which in hindsight was not a very good idea to go and help without assistance. The overall plot is easy to follow and understand but later in the game, you will find out what really happened to Mia and why you have to stop the evil that is causing pain and suffering to the Baker family.

A must have title in 2017!

In conclusion, Capcom has brought the series back from the dead, excuse the pun but this Resident Evil game had a more coherent plot compared to some of the previous Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 7  has become a game for fanatics of the series as well as a great way for newcomers to get to know the franchise a little better. If you are a fan of the Resident Evil franchise then you should not hesitate in getting this game, for all the newcomers who love horror and to be made a fool of with lots of jump scares then this is a must-have title for 2017.

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