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Reviews are not only valuable to you our readers, but in most cases, game developers and publishers read reviews after and before a game is released to see there work being admired or which gaming community dislikes it. GameNation South Africa’s reviews are a critical evaluation of a game on the day of its release, meaning we are unbiased when we give a score to a game.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to do a full review with every game. For those who don’t want long-winded reviews and prefer summaries we now provide a conclusion or score section, we give you the overall points between the good parts of the game and bad parts of the game and provide an overall score.


GameNation South Africa uses a scale from 1-10, with point intervals. 

All reviews go through an editing process so the reviews are accurate and unbiased, so when they appear on the site you will know that the review score is correct. In some cases, the review can change if a game change’s in a massive update or the developer has released a massive patch, then we will have to update our review and we will specify why we have updated that specific review, and therefore we will adjust the review score accordingly.

1 – 1.9 (Atrocious)

Games that people really can’t stand playing.
Games that are this atrocious are generally not reviewed by GameNation South Africa as we do not want to put this kind of rubbish on our site and waste your time.

2 – 2.9 (Awful)

Games that people play but realize they blew their money.
Games that are this awful are generally not reviewed by GameNation South Africa as well as we do not want to put this kind of rubbish on our site and waste your time, again.

3 – 3.9 (Bad)

Games that are generally not fun to play.
Games that are this bad are reviewed by GameNation South Africa but we tend to not allow them on our site unless they are AAA titles that we can’t believe was that bad.

4 – 4.9 (Poor)

Games that are generally a great concept, just poor execution.
Games that are this poor are reviewed by GameNation South Africa and tend to let the publishers and developers know that this was a nice try but they need to plan better next time.

5 – 5.9 (Average)

Games that have good graphics, but gameplay and story have fallen behind.
Games that are this average are reviewed by GameNation South Africa and these tend to be games that are played not for the story but to pass the time.

6 – 6.9 (Decent)

Games that are generally a great concept, just poor execution.
Games that are decent are reviewed by GameNation South Africa and tend to have decent gameplay and graphics. Usually, the low score will be for the story being bland or incoherent.

7 – 7.9 (Good)

Games that are generally a great game it just missed the mark
Games that are good are reviewed by GameNation South Africa and tend to be well made in terms of story and graphics but the main reason a game receives this score is if the developers had an amazing idea they just missed the mark, during the planning phase.

8 – 8.9 (Excellent)

Games that generally have tiny flaws but can be overlooked because the game is well made
Games that are excellent are reviewed by GameNation South Africa and most of the time the game leaves us with something to remember, usually fun single-player or multi-player campaigns with clever characters and story is enhanced with the graphics.

9 – 9.9 (Amazing)

Games that are generally superb, literally almost flawless
Games that are this amazing are reviewed by GameNation South Africa most of the time and can only recommend that you add these games to your collection. The Amazing score means it has enhanced previous versions of gameplay, mechanics, graphics or it has been mastered to the point where we will look back at the game and see how it changed a genre.

10 (Perfect)

Games that are very rare
Games that are this perfect are reviewed by GameNation South Africa and is the highest score on the scale. These are usually game changers, giving influence towards a new future in gaming, gameplay, graphics adaptions. Generally, this is a game that will set the standard for gaming for years to come.

We pride ourselves in covering all types of games, events, and tournaments in South Africa, as well as any international tournaments and events that warrant our coverage and that, is beneficial for our viewers. We work with various companies including, Alienware, Mettlestate, Asus, Cougar Gaming and many other organisations looking to create a more inclusive gaming scene.

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