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Metro Exodus Review

Fans have had to wait almost 6 years to get the next iteration of the post-apocalyptic journey of Metro. Back in 2013 Metro: Last Light launched to be a great success for the 4A Games development studio and in Metro Exodus being the sequel to Last Light we can only expect improvements. The devastation of post-apocalyptic Moscow in the grips of nuclear winter is even more breathtaking.

8.5/10 – Excellent


Razer Thresher Xbox One Review

Razer’s Thresher headset uses the Xbox Wireless protocol to connect directly to your Xbox One completely free of USB cables, dongles, or base stations. However, if you want to connect it to your Windows PC you need to purchase the PC Xbox Wireless Adapter.  The overall design is similar to that of the  Razer Thresher Ultimate and Thresher 7.1,  but with a few tweaks.

8.5/10 – Excellent


FIFA 19 Review

Each year EA updates its FIFA title with more features and game modes and essentially players are just getting the same game but more refined by receiving more lifelike characterization and model improvements. However this year EA secured the UEFA licence and now boast even more game modes which include the UEFA Europa League and Champions League which has added…

9/10 – Amazing


The Golf Club 2019 Review

After nearly 360 holes or around 20 games of golf in The Golf Club 2019  we realised that the HB Studios partnership with the PGA Tour was pivotal in creating something as close to the real feel and journey as a professional golfer and has definitely helped in creating the ultimate golf simulation game in 2019 and can be proud to be the sequel of The Golf Club 2.

8/10 – Excellent


Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review

Picking up after the events of the previous game, Lara and her best friend and long time expedition companion Jonah Maiava are in pursuit of Trinity in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Initially searching for a relic capable of “reshaping” the world in Mexico, Lara soon discovers removing it from its resting place has triggered a Maya apocalypse.

9/10 – Amazing


Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Review

Your friendly neighborhood hero, Spider-Man has officially arrived in New York and the PlayStation 4. What is quite obvious in the game is you play as Peter Parker obviously, and in Insomniac’s Spider-Man you will be taking on all the bad guys throughout the gorgeous scenery of Manhattan with his fast, agile movements and upgrades.

9.5/10 – Amazing


Far Cry 5 Review

Far Cry 5 is set in Hope County, a fictional town of Montana, America. Players are thrown into a beautiful, broad open world and will be fighting against a strong central villain this time Joseph Seed, the leader of the Eden’s Gate cult. He preaches from the Book of Revelations that the end of the world is coming and it is your job to stop him at all costs.

9/10 – Amazing


Shadow of the Colossus Review

If you have never played Shadow of the Colossus when it originally launched way back in 2005 on PS2  or when it’s PS3 HD remaster arrived in 2011, then you still have another chance to play it, this time on the PS4 from 6 February. With the power of the PS4, it makes the best use of HDR, it’s simply stunning and beautiful cinematic scenes makes this a must-have game of 2018.

9/10 – Amazing



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