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GameNation South Africa would like to thank Pulsetense Games for allowing us to review Solarix.

7/10 for originality

At the start of the game players take the role of Walter Terrace, an engineer on what seems to be an unknown planet ravaged by a virus. As the game continues it becomes clear Walter has amnesia so you have no idea where you are and what is actually happening, the only way to find out is through audio logs, announcements from the AI  or AMI is her name as well as other mysterious messages from a so called friend who seems to know who you are, her name is Betty.

As you proceed through the first chapter as well as the corresponding chapters AMI proceeds to tell you a little bit about your situation and the situation on the planet. AMI becomes your guide throughout the game to help her find a cure for the virus.

6/10 for making stealth a priority

Solarix is very much dedicated to being a full on stealthy indie game. In the beginning you are encouraged to crouch and stay in the shadows because enemy units respond to both sight and sound. The enemies can sometimes be oblivious to their surroundings, however if they catch you in a corner it can look like something out of a action – horror film where being cornered can be nail biting as seen in the pictures below:

2016-01-25_00006-1-1024x614   2016-01-25_00005-1024x614

The thrill and horror in the game definitely comes from the ambiance and just the fact that when you play the game for the first time you feel as if something will pop out at you when you least expect itand usually you do not have the correct weapons for the task!

In Solarix you are an engineer which means you should not be a master when it comes to using weaponry. Solarix however does offer the “apparently trained” Walter  the weapons for the job, however there isn’t too much to choose from.

The first tool you find  is a hacking tool that is identical to the lockpicks from the original DeusEx game series. The first weapon you receive is a pistol which has a double purpose, primarily taking out enemies or can be used to shoot out electrical lights. The final tool you find is a tazer that can render enemies unconscious with an attack from behind, provided they are not alerted. The Final weapon we came across was the shotgun and man that thing packs a punch!

In most environments human guards and zombies patrol, while in the more security tight areas they are being guarded by turrets and cameras. The stealth system in Solarix is a little flawed,when Walter crouches it lets him sneak right next to the enemy. A minor problem is that enemies are entirely oblivious to lights being shot out next to them.

2016-01-24_00015-1024x614    2016-01-25_00002-1024x614

6/10 for making the achievements location based

Even though Steam Achievements were not available at first, Pulsetense Games updated the game and created 20 location based steam Achievements. Our only problem with this was trying to go back to another chapter to get all the steam achievements in the previous chapter was impossible, the only way it could be done was to start the game over again. Hopefully Pulsetense will release a new update where Chapter selection is available.

The Review copy was provided by Pulsetense Games

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