Street Fighter V – PS4 Review

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Street Fighter V is being powered by another Unreal Engine, namely the Unreal Engine 4 , this engine delivers spectacular detail,and creating a fighting experience like no other by delivering endless fighting fun that both beginners and veterans can enjoy.

6.5/10 for being short but fun

The story mode in Street Fighter V players compete in 2 to 4 single-round matches as any of the 16 characters in the game. The story mode does have some pretty decent cinematic’s with pretty well designed environments. Though the story mode is quite adequate there are a few draw backs, namely it is very short and if you are a novice or a master when it comes to Street Fighter, you will not be able to change the difficulty settings.


Prior to the release of Street Fighter V Capcom announced that there would be a fully fledged single player campaign and it will be a free DLC later this year as well as the Challenges mode will be a free DLC and arrive later in 2016.

Players will be able to accumulate fight points or money to unlock future DLC’s, which will allow fighters to enjoy new content without spending any real money, the store function ha launched already.

streetfighterv1 streetfighterv2 streetfightv3

8.5/10 fighting mechanics much improved

What Street Fighter V brings differenctly to the previous Street Fighter it builds on the fighting mechanics that makes it the all in one fighting game. Fans who mastered Street Fighter IV should find that the controls and gameplay are not too far off.

Players who compete with others makes this one of the best fighting games in its genre. Also another feature that makes this a pretty decent experience is the local versus mode where  you have a chance to play against another human player. Online there are various options of multiplayer, from casual play to ranked multiplayer. Each player who plays in ranked matches achieve League Points – when you win it will add to your tally, while losing will reduce your points.

streetfighterv4 streetfighter6

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