The Surge Review

When the people of Earth, destroy its environment and atmosphere while suffering from overpopulation and greed a company called CREO takes it upon itself to help restore the world and it’s people to its former self. You play as Warren, paralysed volunteer for CREO, you begin the game without any background as to why you are paralysed yet you are convinced CREO is where you belong.

The character upgrading and level progression is excellent

A  strategy is necessary to progress to the various levels in the game, you will need to find and install implants, craft and equip gear and you will need to keep upgrading your equipment in order to take on the enemies on the various levels, as we found out the hard way they are equipped with devastatingly powerful weapons. When obtaining your tech scraps from downed enemies, you will be able to craft your new weapons or upgrade existing ones in your arsenal.

Where The Surge stands out from other RPG’s is the ability to select and slice off limbs of your enemies and the system is easy to understand, for example, you cut off legs to get tech scraps that provide components for building leg gear.  An integral part in leveling up is your implants they are vital to fend off enemies and we advise in switching your implants as some enemies will go down faster with various implants.

Smooth and satisfying combat

The gameplay & combat in The Surge is a massive improvement compared to Deck 13’s previous action-RPG Lords of the Fallen. Not only is it challenging and very punishing you feel tremendously satisfied that you are progressing in the game while building your rig to withstand the next boss.

Each area Warren progresses to contains a Safe Room where you have access to another MedBay and crafting station. A headache that does arise is the respawning of enemies when heading to the aforementioned Safe Room, once you are done equipping new implants or armor pieces you are forced into combat with enemies you just tore apart, but the good news is that you need the tech scraps and body parts to level up, so it’s a painful win-win I guess 🙂

A Sci-Fi Tech Bonanza

The team at Deck 13 should be proud of what The Surge is bringing to the gaming community as a whole, bringing an original spin on upgrades and innovative leveling system, the combat, the exploration, and especially the feeling we get when we dismantle a boss after kicking and smashing our way through 🙂

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