WipEout Omega Collection Review


The first WipEout title launched back in September of 1995 on the PlayStation One, and with the launches of all the PlayStation Consoles and handhelds over the years a new version of WipEout has made it to every single one of them. There is now a total of 10 WipEout games with some being more memorable than others. WipEout Omega Collection is the culmination of all the previous iterations and we are having an absolute blast with it. if you own a PS4 you need this on your hard drive ASAP.

Futuristic and nostalgic at the same time

In previous WipEout titles, the soundtrack had a massive effect on the overall enjoyment of the races, if the music did not fit with the map or the tracks never changed mid-race, it gets repetitive and loses its replay value in the first few races. The soundtrack in WipEout Omega Collection feels futuristic and nostalgic at the same time, blending each track into the various races in smooth transitions from music to in-game sounds as you turbo your way around the circuit blasting your opponents with the ever satisfying plasma gun.

Smooth handling, awesome weapons to choose from

In terms of multiplayer, the game has both a two-player split screen mode and eight-player online, just like the previous titles. The enhancements made to the multiplayer and overall gameplay can be noticed immediately from the consistent 60 FPS while still producing beautiful textures and lighting. If you own the PS4 Pro then you are in luck this title supports 4K and man it looks gorgeous.

WipEout Omega Collection has 26 tracks, 46 different ships with awesome sounding weapons, and nine game modes, the Omega Collection will have you playing for hours either in your own campaigns or via split screen. Races move quickly, each time you hit a booster mat you feel a sudden rush of adrenaline that can all come to a halt when you misjudge a corner at 550 KM/H. 🙁  The main reason WipEout is still the leading racer in terms of sales and fanbase is speed and combat are a priority as compared to other racers. Now with the added power of the PS4 the beauty of the combat and exhilaration of speed makes it a racer you will most likely prefer in 2017 and beyond.

Was it worth waiting 5 Years? Absolutely!

WipEout Omega Collection is a game meant to be the polished and rejuvenated version of the WipEout series and to be honest it is. If you are a fan of the previous titles or if you are just a newcomer to the series and you have never played any of the previous titles then this is one heck of a way to enter the series, you will experience the complete WipEout series in one game and that is always worth the money.

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