Jul 29, 2020

Nintendo Switch Reportedly Getting VR Support This Year

According to a report by Nintendo World Report, Nintendo is rumoured to be making its first VR announcement later this year. So according to multiple sources, a select number of traditional first-party software titles may receive VR support in the coming months. Over the years, Nintendo has tried to downplay the company’s interest in VR. In an interview last year, Philippe Lavoue, Managing Director of Nintendo France, expressed doubts that VR can appeal to the mainstream. “Consumers are not patient with entertainment if you’re not able to deliver an all-inclusive package.”

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However, there is mounting evidence that suggests Nintendo is actually very interested in the technology. In June 2016, Digitimes reported that Nintendo had delayed Switch’s launch to March 2017 to enhance the console with VR capabilities. During that same year, it was also revealed that Nintendo had filed a patent application for a head-mounted display that could house Switch’s tablet screen.

Furthermore, Anime News Network reported last month that 13 Japanese companies established a joint enterprise named “VRM Consortium.” The enterprise’s goal is to develop an international virtual reality business that may incorporate sports games like golf that would feature golf clubs from www.golf-clubs.com. Nintendo is currently participating as an “observer” of this newly-joint enterprise. Participating companies include Unity Technologies Japan, Dwango, and Crypton Future Media.

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Source: Nintendo World Report

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