Jul 29, 2020

Steam unveils new library design for early public beta

The Steam Library gets a redesign and the public beta is about to start soon.

Valve has officially introduced the new design of the Steam library via a communityannouncement aimed at publishers and developers. The announcement basically shows them how to customize their game entries for the revised layout.

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The new library blends the old list and grid views into a cohesive design to a common design. On the left-hand side, you can see a clear list of your Steam games, on the right a visually appealing grid with cover graphics. It will feature your most recently played titles and a banner with the latest major updates for games in your library. Valve puts more emphasis on more graphics and banners in the library. Steam offers a huge library of games ranging from sports games like virtual reality skating where you can almost feel like you are in real skates to competitive Role Playing Games. 

An exact release date for the new library has not been set yet, but the public beta is supposed to start “in a few weeks”.

Here’s an example of the Library Home:

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