Jan 07, 2020

Top 3 PC games of 2020 – Check out the details!

PC games were the most discussed thing between the millennial kids. It used to be everyone's
favorite lunchtime story. We have spent uncountable numbers of hours playing them in front of
our PC. The only task one wants to accomplish is to complete the most challenging level and
become the game's champion. Later mobile phones and tablets come into the game. People
started playing PC games on their mobile phones. When you are good at gaming, high is the chance you’d do really well playing some fun sports betting games via UFABET. Everyone thought it would be the extent of Pc
games, but it never happened. The feel of playing games on PC is something different. Due to
this reason, PC games are still ruling the gaming world. Want to dive deep under the PC game
world and know which are the most trending PC games of 2020 youngsters obsessed with? Let's

  • Crusader Kings 3

Based on the France kingdom's story, firstly, this game will overwhelm you under their family
trees. By the time you will understand one aspect, the jailor comes into the play. You have to
help the jailor in solving the murder mysteries. This game will detach you from the outer world
and introduce you to a new world, the world of Crusaders. It is an exciting game, and you will
never find a good time to leave this game. Level by level, you will face war situations with other
dynasties. Also, in one of the chapters, you will find the king dying. Every branch of the game
brings up a new story and maintains your interest.

  • Half-Life: Alyx

The developers have made some significant changes in this version of the game. It is purely VR
based. You need to mount a VR box on your face whenever you want to play this game. But the
exciting part is once you enter the game, you don't want to leave the game. The VR, which
everyone feels is difficult to use, would not affect this time. You will make peace with the VR
mounted on the very second you enter the game. The graphics and motion sensors of the game
are just beyond expectations. It is the third part of the game series, but you will find the story
entangling between the first and second Half-life parts.

  • Factorio

If you love the destruction, construction, and management factor in your game, this game is
totally for you. You will also be forming production chains in this game. The game always starts
with a massive explosion. It may be due to any fictional reason developers created. This game
will make you feel that you have entered the gaming life and working there instead of your
character. This game can build interest in a person who has lost interest in PC games far away in
the past.


PC games are an all-time favorite of everyone out there. These are the list of games that will
make you a gaming addict and have left other game developers astonished. Now you need to
choose which game you want to fall for!!

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